Altra Road Running Shoes

Altra Footwear unites advanced technology, superior comfort, and spaciousness that gives you the freedom to move naturally. Crafted by elite athletes for road runners of all kinds, Altra offers you FootShape™ for wider foot space and Balanced Cushioning™ with a Zero Drop platform for better balance whilst you tackle the roads. Find your Altra Family with our essential guide to Altra road running shoes. Uncover the humble beginnings of Altra Footwear and how the story is continuing to unfold with our dedication to innovation in our Altra road running shoe essential guide. 


Move Naturally with Altra:

At Altra, we provide road runners with spacious, durable, and comfortable road running shoes. Inspired by the natural shape of your foot, every Altra shoe has wide foot-shaped toe boxes to give your foot the space to spread out naturally as you move. Our Zero Drop platform in every Altra road running shoe keeps your heel-to-toe flat whilst you run to enable a natural running technique. Altra shoes are gender-specifically designed to craft an optimal running experience. Inspired by your natural movement, we are dedicated to placing zero limits on your road running journeys.


Find Your Altra Family:

Altra Footwear is a family. Our road running shoes are here to support you on your journey, offer you comfort along the distance, and encourage you to keep going until your goals are conquered. We have crafted the essential guide to our road running shoes so that you can find the perfect Altra Family for your feet and road running preferences.


1) Escalante Family Road Running Shoes:

Take to the office, road, track and back in the versatile and speedy Escalante Family. The Escalante Family is a classic style with a modern look. The Escalante Family offers minimal to medium cushioning (24mm stack height) with a super responsive Altra EGO™ foam midsole. The Escalante Family features the Classic FootShape™ Fit designed to take you from your morning run to your morning meeting. 

The Escalante Family features a FootPod™ outsole that maps the bones and tendons of your foot, to enable natural movement of the foot. Fast, flexible, and versatile are the defining features of the Escalante Family. Designed to allow you to move at high speeds and comfortable enough to wear all day. The Escalante Family is aimed for running distances up to 21km, break through your running barriers with the support of the Escalante Family.

Morning run to morning meeting in Escalante 3:

The recent model release in the Escalante Family is the Escalante 3. 

This Altra classic gets a style refresh with an all-new modern look. These design updates offer an improved fit for your foot with our updated, sock-like upper material and added elastic throughout. Versatility meets comfort with this road shoe favourite with our Altra EGO™ foam midsole and our Standard FootShape™ Fit designed to take you from your morning run to your morning meeting.


2) Torin Family Road Running Shoes:

Unleash your marathon potential and more. The Torin Family is ready to work as hard as you do. Designed to offer high cushioned support for the longer road runs and to get you through those big training blocks. When there are zero limits from your Torin road running shoes, you can ascend to new heights. The Torin family is highly versatile, which is why you will find many road runners gravitating towards these exceptional road running shoes. The Torin Family features the luxurious high cushioned Altra EGO™ MAX midsole foam ensuring you have a comfortable ride mile after mile (28mm stack height). The Torin Family features the Classic FootShape™ Fit designed to give your toes all the space they need to move naturally. 

The Torin Family features a FootPod™ outsole that maps the bones and tendons of your foot, to enable natural movement of the foot. Luxurious, comfortable and versatile are the defining features of the Torin Family. Designed to allow you to move comfortably to go the extra distance. The Torin Family is aimed for running anything from a jog around the neighbourhood right up to an ultra marathon and more.


Go the extra distance in the Torin 6:

The recent model release in the Torin Family is the Torin 6. This best-selling road shoe is equipped with our Altra EGO™ MAX midsole foam and an updated moulded heel collar that keeps up for mile after mile. This everyday road shoe is made for any road, any run, and any distance, designed for performance.

Paving New Roads with Altra Essential Features:

Altra Footwear has widened the mould of traditional road running shoes. In a traditional road running shoe, you will find a narrow toe box that unnaturally squeezes your toes together. You will also find a low to high heel-to-toe drop, which can affect your running technique and neutralises your Achilles and lower calf muscles. Impacted landing and increased risk of injury whilst running are the core problems with a traditionally designed road running shoe.

We have designed our road running shoes with your comfort, performance, and road running preferences in mind. The advanced technology of Altra Footwear enables you to achieve greater goals on your road running journey. Every Altra road running shoe has three core technologies, and these essential features are what sets us apart.


Balanced Cushioning™:

Altra Footwear keeps your feet in a natural position whilst you run with our Balanced Cushioning™ technology. The Zero Drop platform in every Altra shoe keeps your heel and toes at an equidistant level to the ground. The level platform ensures that when you run in Altra Footwear, your feet, back, and body posture remain aligned and that your impact when you land is low for reduced risk of injury during your road running.

Trail running shoes balanced cushioning

Altra FootShape™ Toe Box:

Altra Footwear has been expertly crafted with spacious, foot-shaped toe boxes. What this means is that running in Altra Footwear is close to running barefoot while still keeping your feet protected. Designed with your foot shape in mind, Altra FootShape™ keeps your big toe straight for additional stability and provides your other toes with space and comfort.

Altra Footwear currently comes in three FootShape™ fits; the Classic Fit, the Medium Fit, and the Form Fit. Each FootShape™ fit accommodates for differences in foot width from heel to toe. We are constantly updating our FootShape™ widths so that you can find the perfect Altra Footwear that accommodates your unique foot shape. We give you choices so that you can always find an Altra shoe for your road running preferences.

Trail running shoes Fit4her

Altra Fit4Her™:

Altra Fit4Her™ technology is crafted with the unique shape of women’s feet in mind. Female feet have significant anatomical differences from men’s feet, including a narrower heel and midfoot, a longer arch, a higher in-step, and unique metatarsal spacing. Altra Footwear for ladies is customised with these important features to offer women an unmatched road running experience.

Trail running shoes Fit4her side

Comfort mile after mile:

When you are running, Altra Footwear offers you unmatched comfort to keep you going on your road run. Altra midsoles are made from Altra EGO™ Foam, an innovative compound for supreme comfort whilst you move. Altra EGO™ Foam is soft and responsive, offering your feet comfortable support whilst you uncover your next road running journey.


The Souls Behind the Soles:

Altra Footwear was founded by Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead, two avidly passionate runners and lovers of outdoor adventures. Determined to improve the running experience, Golden experimented with traditional running shoes by crafting his own Zero Drop platform by heating running shoes in a toaster oven and cutting the midsoles. A successful run at the Wasatch 100 in the prototype began the legendary journey of Altra Footwear.

Trail running shoes Golden Harper Founder

2011 saw the arrival of the first Altra Footwear, designed with Altra’s three core technologies. Since its humble beginnings over a decade ago, Altra Footwear has transformed into an international brand. A team of dedicated Altra individuals embraces innovation to continue providing the perfect running partner to trail & road runners around the world. From a toaster oven to the trails & roads, Altra Footwear has become the ultimate way to move naturally in running.


Road Running with the Times:

Altra Footwear and technology move at the same pace. We are continuously updating our road running shoes with your natural movement in mind so that we always provide maximum comfort, durability, and enhanced performance. At Altra, our dedication to innovation makes room for better road running. Keep your eyes on Altra Footwear for upcoming releases of the latest addition to our Altra road running Families.