What’s Special About Altras?


Altras are high performance shoes that also support the health of your feet. They are designed to respect your natural biomechanics and allow your feet to behave naturally – which improves your running style, reduces injury risk and gives you the freedom to run further, faster.


Altras are not minimalist or barefoot shoes. We make liberal use of all the latest performance-enhancing technology, but we shape our shoes in a way that keeps runners’ feet balanced and healthy. We do this primarily by including more space in the toebox and keeping to a minimal or zero-drop, without sacrificing the technical features and cushioning. These changes may sound small, but they mean your foot can behave like a foot, and that makes all the difference.


Why aren’t all shoes shaped like Altras? Over the years, sales gimmicks, fads and cost-saving efforts have dictated the shape of running shoes and unfortunately tight toe boxes, arch-weakening inners and gait-altering drops have become the norm - (is it any wonder that niggles, aches & pains are too)? 


Once you’ve tried Altras there’s no going back.