Many people who run (or are new to running) don’t actually consider themselves runners, especially when looking at “real” runners like top athletes who make it look so easy.

But starting a run is never easy, no matter how seasoned of a runner you are. The first few steps are always uncomfortable. But once you push through the discomfort and your body adjusts, the discomfort fades.

This is as true in running as it is in life: in overcoming difficult situations, getting started is always toughest. But past the initial hurdle, you step into yourself, your confidence and your boldness.

Find Your Stride is a motto that reminds you to find your own rhythm, listen to your body and keep persisting at your own pace.

For the month of October, we will be looking at how running has helped you #FindYourStride. Share your journey, whether it has just started or you are long into it. 


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