Author: Altra ambassador, Magan Hanekom

For every idea or dream or thought that you have, there is someone out there who will take your hand and run with you. Someone to help your idea or dream or thought grow and add on to it and help you to see it through.

This is the beauty of a community and of friends and teammates.

As individuals we have the ability to create, but as a community, we have the ability to cultivate; and this is what I believe we celebrate during women’s month.

As adventure-seekers, this year has proven to be a little bit tricky, the wide open roads less accessible, access to nature reserves restricted and many of the dreams and thoughts that accompanied the 12 tolls into the new year were forced aside and instead of partaking in organised events, we needed to move beyond our comfort zones, and enter a space in which to be creative and dream up new ideas to share.

And so, our dreams found their way home, exploring our “backyards” and the many wonders thereof.

Die Ander Tafelberg

“Die Ander Tafelberg” is one such project; dreamed up and shared by Dalene van Staden, and the hands that have grabbed on along the way are too numerous to count.

We have identified 15 named “Tafelbergs” in the Western Cape with the classification of “mountain” and will endeavor to link these mountains together in one mighty quest in October.

Through all of the scouting trips and research that we have done so far, we have come to meet some fantastic people; farmers, business owners and excited mountain-goats without whom we would not have come as far as we have during this planning phase. This has reinforced our aim in this project - to share in the ability to move freely in the mountains and to make people more aware of the route that are off the beaten track and to support and build a community through the sport of trail running.

In a society where we often get caught up in wishing that things were different; safer, more inclusive, no inequality and less vulnerability, we forget about the power behind a well-spoken word, the power behind asking for support, the power behind supporting one another and the power behind an act of kindness. Your idea, no matter how big or small, deserves to be shared because there are no limits to who you may reach.   

In the spirit of women’s month, and women’s day on the 9th of August, the following is what we should strive for; to be women who not only create ideas, but to be women who create ideas that create a community.


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Brilliant young women, exploring these “Tafel berge”. Doing mountains should come naturally to this young author, as her grandmother was the first South African Woman to summit Kilimandjaro, in August of 1952. Magan submitted in June 2019, with her entire family, running the last 40 meters! …as if to say … one should always try to run!!
So many more mountains … so little time …


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